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Lauren Nikohl is a multidimensional singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ with a soulful, powerhouse voice--and she's on a mission to help raise the collective consciousness through the power of music. Born in Shoreview, Minnesota, this multi-talented artist is now based in Los Angeles, CA. Her melodic music is genre-fluid, fusing elements of Deep & Progressive House, Psychedelic Electronic, Alternative Dance, and Indie/Electro Pop. Through her lyrics, Lauren explores the nature of reality and spreads awareness of the connectedness of everything, encouraging humanity to always choose love over fear. Her vocals are a blend of "Adele meets Stevie Nicks", while her music dabbles between "Chvrches meets Rufus Du Sol", and "Sia meets WhoMadeWho". 

This budding songstress began singing, playing guitar, songwriting, and playing piano, all before the age of 10, inspired by her music-loving father. Influences include a wide array of artists like Queen, Styx, Frank Ocean, Muse, Jan Blomqvist, Rufus Du Sol, Daft Punk, Jess Glynne, Who Made Who, and many more. Her life-long love for the performing arts has expanded over the past few years into a driven passion to create meaningful change in the world through her music, especially after having a spiritual awakening brought on by a psychedelic-induced "out of body" experience, circa 2016. 

Lauren released her debut Indie Pop EP, "The Night" in June 2015. She has since released a few collaboration tracks and singles, including EDM/Soul single, "Against the Wind," with Grammy-winning and Billboard-charting producer Robert Eibach in 2018. Other singles include self-produced Indie Dance-Pop jam "Grateful For This Day", and vibey, alternative r&b/electronic track "Karma", produced by Kaysinners.


During the lockdowns of 2020, Lauren began learning to produce and DJ, fusing her melodic tunes with electronic and psychedelic dance vibes. She released her debut, self-produced album, “Ascend”, on 11/11/22 that explores universal consciousness, spiritual awakening, and self awareness with a unique blend of Electro Pop, Psychedelic Indie House, and Alternative Dance elements. All of Lauren's newer music is tuned to 432hz, a frequency imbued with sonic healing properties. 

Lauren Nikohl is helping shape mainstream culture into a more compassionate and thoughtful entity by exuding optimism, writing songs that ask the deeper questions, and presenting herself as a role model for people to be more motivated, mindful, and empowered in a world where insecurity, anxiety, and depression are way too common. ​She is taking over the music industry, not only as a superbly talented songwriter, producer, and performer, but as an intellectual entrepreneur, ascension guide, and light leader for humanity as we navigate this time of great awakening.

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