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Have you been wanting to explore psychedelic plant medicines, but are not sure where to start? Or maybe you're a regular psychonaut, but want some help integrating your journeys. Either way, this guide and journal will assist you in intentionally using plant medicine to heal yourself, explore your inner world, connect with your higher self, and expand your mind. Properly integrating your psychedelic experiences is key to unlocking their full potential. With thought-provoking journal prompts, you can use the insights and wisdom that you experienced during your psychedelic journey to create meaningful change in your life.

This book was created by multidimensional music artist Lauren Nikohl, who experienced a spiritual awakening brought on by magic mushrooms. She has since partaken in numerous plant journeys and even guided others through theirs as well. She is very passionate about sharing the wisdom of plant medicine, and believes that psychedelics are helping shift the world out of depression, anxiety, and disconnection, towards a world full of love, interconnectedness, and self-awareness. With psychedelic research and use on the rise, Lauren hopes to help shift the paradigm around these entheogenic sacraments, encourage intentional use, and inspire personal growth.

What's Inside:

  • Harm Reduction Tips
  • Meditation Tips
  • Trip Tips
  • Pre-Trip Checklist
  • Introduction to Psychedelics
  • Introduction to Intentional Plant Medicine Experiences
  • Dosing Guidance
  • Trip Recommendations & Advice
  • Pre-Trip Journal Prompts
  • Post-Trip Integration Journal Prompts
  • Trippy Artwork
  • Psychedelic Quotes
  • Trip Report Journal Space
  • Re-fillable PDF for multiple journeys
  • 80+ Pages


This is an e-book, digital download! If you'd like to purchase a physical copy of the book, head to Amazon.

Psychedelic Guide & Integration Journal (E-Book)

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